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Humming To A New Hobby

Hobby Lobby is a great place to discover a new craft. I have always wanted to learn needlework and sewing and back in my younger years, my mother had attempted to pass on her love of cross-stitch. I started my first cross stitch project around 2005 and finished it sometime in 2014? Yeah, cross-stitch was…

F is For Friends

After years of not making any original art and almost giving up, a friend gives me a chance to start over


Fort Wilderness 2017 Program Catalog

In 2015 I proposed that Fort Wilderness Ministries begin publishing a yearly catalog to summarize its whole program offerings and simplify information for potential customers. The roughly 60-page catalog was a huge success among existing customers and an effective recruiting tool. The 2017 Catalog represented a shift in design and personality for the Fort Wilderness […]

2014 Rhinelander Veterans Mural

In the spring of 2014 the City of Rhinelander put out a call to artists for a new mural close to downtown. The wall is protecting some utilities related to a cell tower disguised as a flagpole. To match the flag, the city asked for proposals to include a veterans theme alongside Northwoods themes. I […]